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A challenge

Hi Wonderful Qualified Tutors I have a Second year student who is studying Linguistics – but he has a slight disability – he struggles to

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Taking time off as a tutoring business owner

Let’s be honest – tutoring takes time, energy, and compassion. We so often give this to our students, reminding them of the importance of breaks during study time, or the need to give themselves compassion if they aren’t quite “getting it” yet. 

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SEND Series with Jack #5: Love

In Jack’s final piece of this series, he approaches the sometimes difficult topic of ‘love’ in the tutoring environment.

Of course, this does not mean romance. It means trust, it means belief, it means perseverance.

This eloquent, and elegant, article teaches us to understand the pitfalls of loving your craft, and the ways in which we can create a trustful environment to protect against these pitfalls.

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SEND Series with Jack #4: Truth Seeking

Jack produces his penultimate instalment of this SEND series, with a fabulous piece on understanding, as tutors, our role in the whole education of the child, and the importance of creating a community feel.

The key is understanding what you have to bring in the moment, and accepting that that might not always be what you might consider ‘perfect’. Hopefully, though, it will be (at least) ‘a little better’ than what the student has had before.

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